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Browne was born and lived most of her life in Zimbabwe, Africa. In 1985 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine art and psychology and a post-graduate diploma in education from the University of Natal, South Africa.


While she was teaching in Zimbabwe her art was regularly selected for the

Zimbabwean National Heritage exhibitions at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. She

also participated in solo and group exhibitions in other galleries in Harare.


In 1995, Browne started illustration childrens’ books for the publisher Barefoot Books of Bath, UK. Between 1996 and 2000 her illustrations were selected for a number of

international traveling exhibitions.


Since moving to the US in 2003, Pippa Browne has moved her focus away from illustrating and back to a more expressive style of art. She has consistently shown her work in galleries in the States, namely in Salinas, CA, Memphis, TN and Sewanee, TN where she now resides


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